Monday 11 December 2017

Students are encouraged to get into the spirit of Christmas by participating in Christmas@the Spirit.  This is the school’s main fundraiser for the St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal. 

This is not a casual clothes day and normal lessons will occur on the day.

However, Year 7-Year 10 students are encouraged to wear Christmas themed accessories. Year 11, SRC Year 7-10 and Staff may dress in appropriate Christmas themed clothes.  The SRC will be selling Santa hats and candy canes during Week 9 and on Monday Week 10.  

There will be a gold coin collection during homeroom on 11 December.

The Canteen will be open but will not sell lunch food.

The SRC will be selling food at recess and a BBQ at lunch.  Other activities will also occur at lunch including photographs with Santa. These will be $1 per person in each photograph with a maximum charge of $5 for a photo.

Each year group is requested to help by donating items from the list below. These will be collected during homeroom from Wednesday-Friday of Week 9 and Monday Week 10. 

All donations are to be sent to Student Services and placed in the allocated boxes for each year group.

Year 7:     toothpaste; toothbrush; shampoo/conditioner; sanitary items;
                deodorant; hand towels; face washers

Year 8:     stationery items: pens; pencils; highlighters; textas; A4 exercise books

Year 9:     bottles of water; juice poppers; cans of fruit

Year 10:   stationery items: pens; pencils; highlighters; textas; A4 exercise books

Year 11:   chocolates; Christmas lollies; liquid ice blocks eg Super Doopers

A whole school Christmas Mass is scheduled for Periods 3 and 4 Tuesday
12 December. The donated items and money will be presented to St Vincent de Paul representatives on this day. Parents and caregivers are welcome to attend the Mass.

Thank you for your continued support of the fundraising which has occurred throughout the year.

Images from the Year 12 Graduation November 10, 2017

A reminder to parents that the Cambodia Immersion Parent Night and Debrief is on tonight (Friday November 3) at 6pm in the College Library.

The last opening day for the Uniform Shop for 2017 will be 
Friday 8 December.

All uniforms need to be picked up by this date.

All Year 9 need to purchase their Senior uniforms for 2018 
by November 28.

We cannot guarantee delivery of items for the start of the 
2018 school year for orders placed after this date.

During Term 2 and 3 the Year 7.1, 7.2, 7.9 and 7.10 Stem Extension Experience (SEE) classes spent time learning and engaging in Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) skills. Throughout the experience they were required to find innovative solutions to different real world challenges by implementing the skills they learned along the way.

As part of the experience the students were also required to individually choose and research a problem and then design a product or technology to solve their identified problem. If there was already an available solution to the problem, then the students could choose to design a product that would expand or improve upon the available solution.

On the evening of Wednesday 11 October, 2017, the classes held their SEE Expo Night. The Expo was a great opportunity for the students to share their research work, discoveries and present their final products and technologies to a wider audience.

Each student was provided with their own space to create a display booth with unique display boards and a display model. From their booth, the students engaged with parents, friends and visitors, answered a range of questions and promoted their ideas.

The students excelled themselves during the course of the evening with some amazing ideas, solutions and technologies and were an absolute credit to Holy Spirit College.

Mark Hamlet
STEM Extension Experience Coordinator

Congratulations and farewell to Year 12 2017! The College community wishes you all every success for the HSC exams and best wishes for the journey to come.

Year 12 2017 Final Days and Farewell Assembly

Year 12 2017 Graduation Mass

Year 12 2017 Awards Ceremony
Chris Agnew has been appointed the Principal of Holy Spirit College in 2018.
He is currently the Principal at De La Salle Catholic College at Caringbah.


Michael Petre

Learning Technologies Coordinator

Holy Spirit College, Bellambi

Ph: 0242852877 Mob: 0428869773



On Monday evening, an exhibition was held displaying Year 12 and Year 11 Visual Arts, Year 10 Visual Arts and Photography, Year 12 TAS and Year 12 Life Skills works. Again an extensive range of skills was on display and the students are to be congratulated on their effort and commitment.

Exhibition 2017 Photos